About Us

Hope Colitz has been in the construction industry, on and off, for the last 30 + years. She began her interest in Weatherization in Interior Alaska, working as an apprentice for an Energy Auditor, of 30 thirty years, consulting homeowners in Fairbanks, AK.

Taking her knowledge of cold climate weatherization she continued her education through BPI (Building Performance Institute) rigorous training and qualifying certifications in Portland, Oregon. There she worked as a Home Performance Contractor with local company, Sustainable Solutions Unlimited. It wasn’t long before the Energy Trust of Oregon, a rebate program, recruited her to help other contractors adhere to Home Performance contracting and the BPI standards.

Hope has created Hope for Homes as her way, to help increase quality of life while lowering the utility costs for residents in Colorado. Her dedication to her daughter and her local community allow her to focus on what is truly important in life; the ability to promote a healthy, safe, environmentally responsible and sustainable lifestyles that folks can afford. 

In 2016, Hope for Homes opened a BPI Test Center and continues to provide trainings for individuals and businesses to prepare for various BPI professional certification exams. Hope is also a BPI Mentor who’s responsibilities include helping BPI educational professionals become BPI proctors for various BPI Test Centers, in the United States

Giving back to her community, Hope sits on the Lake County Building & Land Management Board. She is a licensed contractor in the state of California and Colorado. She holds a general license (2019-32G Lake County, Colorado), with a focus on weatherization and Home Performance upgrades. 

Hope, her daughter and many furry creatures enjoy the mountains and all the wonders within.

Beautiful Winter Day In Leadville!

California General B Contractor’s License
BPI Building Analyst, Envelope Professional & Heating Professional, Multifamily Building Operator, Home Energy Professional Quality Control Inspector, Home Energy Professional Energy Auditor, Infiltration & Duct Leakage – BPI Proctor for all above – Super Proctor – BPI Test Center
HERS – Home Energy Rater for CalCerts HERS Provider of California
HERS Title 24 Verifications (Alterations & New Construction)
Whole House Rater (HERS II), Energy Efficiency Mortgage, Multi-Family
Solar PV,HERS Building Performance Rater,Non-Residential Buildings, Special Energy Features (V3- Energy Star)
Residential Certified Energy Plans Examiner
Air Tightness, 10/9/08
AkWarm, 10/9/08
Alaska’s Energy & Ventilation Standard, 10/14/08
Building Techniques for Cold Climates, 11/5 & 6/08
Blower Door, 10/7 & 8/08
Ventilation Workshop, 9/4/08
Retrofit Workshop, 9/2&3/08
Advanced Forensic Techniques
Advanced Forensic Photography & Evidence Collection Technician
Recording, Classifying, & AFIS Searching of Fingerprints
Advanced Latent Print Techniques & AFIS