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This course will provide knowledge of building science as a basis for establishing a healthy, safe, durable and energy efficient home that is required achieve BPI Building Analyst Certification.



NEW Special Mixed Media Training: This course is being delivered via GOTOWebinar. Students must download GOTOWebinar on their smart phones for this course. Students must also have use of equipment (Blowerdoor, Ambiant CO detector, 10%LEL Gas sniffer, CO Analyzer, Flow hood for exhaust fan) for the exam and it is preferred for the training for best results. All training and testing (NOT INCLUDED IN PRICE) will be held remotely, there is no need for in person training or testing. Students will be able to use their own home as the test house regardless of the equipent present. Hope will configure the testing to meet BPI proctor’s rules and regulations for this current time period.

Building Analyst Professional Certification Training     Earn 20 BPI CEU’s

Hope for Homes’ Full Course Description 

Course Summary:

H4H’s BA course aligns with the professional standards set forth by the Building Performance Institute Building Analyst Testing Knowledge List related to the energy efficiency and performance of residential buildings.  These standards focus on energy conservation measures and criteria while also focusing on the health and safety of the homeowner and the technician.

This course is designed to produce a comprehensive overview of building science for low rise single family homes and low rise multifamily buildings as well as prepare you for the BPI Building Analyst Online & Field exams. You may take the course, as well as your written and field exams at the same field location of the training.


Topics Covered

H4H’s Building Analyst class begins with the understanding of residential construction and its trends. The course teaches the candidate, when mechanical and combustion equipment are introduced, how they can significantly change the dynamics of the structure.  At completion, the candidate should be able to analyze and make appropriate recommendations to reduce the overall energy while promoting a safe and healthy home.

(BPI Building Analyst Course – Table of Contents)

This course will provide knowledge of building science as a basis for establishing a healthy, safe, durable and energy efficient home that is required achieve BPI Building Analyst Certification.

Classroom Topics

  1. Building Science
  2. Buildings and Their Systems
  3. Testing and Data Collection
  4. Industry Standards
  5. Analyzing Collected Data
  6. Modeling and Work Scope

Field Topics

  • Heavy focus on combustion safety testing procedures (Worst Case Depressurization)
  • Pressure Diagnostic testing using the blowerdoor, pressure pan & manometer
  • ASHRAE Ventilation analysis & recommended Strategies
  • Indoor Air quality observation & testing
  • Practice run-through of the field exam
  • Review of H4H field script aid for Building Analyst Field Testing

Course Package Includes

  • 5  days of classroom lecture via LIVE Webinar.
  • This training utilizes a Learning Response System requiring the candidate to answer strategic questions throughout each section. The candidate will have an immediate accounting of the information that may need to be reviewed again. Also, the top score for each section will receive a prize!
  • 2 days of field “hands on” in a “real” house (same as the available test house located in Leadville)
  • Online & Field exams will take place October 30th
  • Course Manual –
    • Includes the presentation in outline form
    • Standards 1100 & 1200
    • Calibration and Equipment set up instructions
    • Hope for Homes Building Analyst Field Script
  • Exam costs are not included in course fee

Certification Path

H4H’s Building Analyst course prepares participants to earn the nationally recognized BPI Building Analyst Professional Credential.

The steps to becoming eligible for and successfully passing the BPI Building Analyst exams are:

  • Step 1: It is strongly recommended to purchase the book Residential Energy, Krigger/Dorsi https://srmi.biz/product/bookstore/residential-energy/#.XOg2FvZFyhc
  • Step 2: Pre-purchase the BPI BA training at https://hope4homes.net
  • Step 2: 5 Day Live Training w/ Learning Response System program providing daily score of the comprehension test questions for each section completed–
    • Extensive Math examples & Practice Test Questions at Colorado Mountain College, Leadville
    • Field training (2 days) in Leadville at a private home
  • Step 3: Exams (proctored online & Field)
    • Online may be taken in the afternoon Friday 5/28 at 3pm)
    • Field Exams must be scheduled with H4H. This discussion will take place in class.
  • Step 4: Certification confirmation arrives 2 weeks, after successfully passing both the online and the field


  • Course fee $1600
  • Test Fees – Online $250
  • Test Fees – Field $500


All payments must be made prior to class and all test dates

@ https://hope4homes.net/shop/


3 reviews for A No Fuss NO TOUCH BPI Building Analyst Certification Training

  1. I met Hope during a BPI course years ago, she was one of the instructors at the school I was attending. She was a clear stand out from the other faculty, well spoken, knowledgeable, and had tons of hands on field experience to share with the class. Since that experience I have hired her multiple times to certify my staff and myself. I would recommend Hope for Homes to anyone who needs a proctor, trainer, or simply help understanding BPI and it’s different certifications and how to achieve them.

    Randy Ximenez

  2. Hope’s training has been one of the best investments we have made as a business. With many BPI licensed technicians on staff, it’s been Hope’s training that helped our success. Thorough understanding of the BPI standards has made her our “go to” person anytime we have a unique situation. If you’re looking to pass your BPI exam, you have found the right course.

    Thank you Hope!

    – Jamie
    Archon Energy Solutions

    Jamie Medlin

  3. I recently successfully completed BPI Building Analyst training with Hope Colitz as my trainer. Hope is a BPI professional with many years of direct experiences to pass on to students. Hopes course and instruction are invaluable at helping you understand the fundamentals and execute the practical application of building science. Hope explains and breaks down the BPI standards and presents the mathematical portion of the training in a clear and easy to understand way. After completing the course, I felt well prepared and confident taking both the written and practical exams. As a small business owner, this training has been invaluable to my business and professional development. I highly recommend Hope for Homes if you’re looking for a BPI proctor or trainer! Thanks again, Hope!

    David N. Munoz

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