BPI Field Test Building Analyst

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2 Hour Field Exam @ H4H BPI Test House in Leadville, Colorado



This is a BPI Building Analyst Field Exam. There are no prerequisites to take this exam. Once the exam is paid for it may be schedule any day of the week (dependent on openings in the schedule ).  If the candidate wishes to take the exam at an alternative location, there are several requirements that must be met;

  1. The field house must be pre-approved by Hope or the proctor assigned.
  2. There will be a $0.70 per mile charge to/from the location of testing.
  3. The location must have internet access for the online exam if needed.

The official Hope for Homes Test House is in Leadville, Colorado. This test house is approved for all core certifications as well as the HEP Home Energy Professional; Energy Auditor Certification.

If you have any questions about availability please contact Hope @ 714-422-8924


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