BPI HEP Energy Auditor Certification Test Prep.





BPI Home Energy Professional Training Program

Home Energy Professional Energy Auditor Certification Prep

*Experience documentation required for Testing not the Training

Hope for Homes’ Full Course Description

There will be over 200 Prep questions and detailed explanation for each answer.

This course will provide a review of building science as a basis in establishing healthy, safe, durable and efficient homes that is required achieve BPI Home Energy Professional Energy Auditor Certification.

Classroom Topics

  1. Building Science Basics
  2. Energy Audits & Customer Relations
  3. Evaluating Insulation
  4. Diagnosing Shell and Duct Leakage
  5. Evaluating Heating & Cooling Systems
  6. Base-load Measures

Course Package Includes

  • 1 days of  extensive math & practice quizzes
  • Test for Online the following day (not included in review price)
  • (Exam retakes are the responsibility of the attendee.)

Certification Path

H4H’s Energy Auditor course prepares participants to earn the nationally recognized BPI HEP Energy Auditor Credential.

The steps to becoming eligible for and successfully passing the BPI Building Analyst exams are:

Prior to applying and testing for the Energy Auditor, you must also meet the specific prerequisites .


  • Course fee $300


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