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BPI Home Energy Professional Training Program

NEW Special Mixed Media Training: This course is being delivered via GOTOWebinar. Students must download GOTOWebinar on their smart phones for this course. Students must also have use of equipment (Blowerdoor, Ambiant CO detector, 10%LEL Gas sniffer, CO Analyzer, Flow hood for exhaust fan) for the exam and it is preferred for the training for best results. All training and testing (NOT INCLUDED IN PRICE) will be held remotely, there is no need for in person training or testing. Students will be able to use their own home as the test house regardless of the equipent present. Hope will configure the testing to meet BPI proctor’s rules and regulations for this current time period.

Home Energy Professional Energy Auditor Certification Training

*Experience documentation required for Testing not the Training

Hope for Homes’ Full Course Description

 Course Summary:

H4H’s HEP Energy Auditor course aligns with the professional standards set forth by the Building Performance Institute related to the energy efficiency and performance of residential buildings.  These standards focus on energy conservation measures and criteria while also focusing on the health and safety of the homeowner and the technician. The Home Energy Professional (HEP) Energy Auditor certification is offered by BPI and is supported by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and its National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

This course is designed to produce a comprehensive overview of building science for low-rise single-family homes and low-rise multifamily buildings. The HEP Energy Auditor certification demonstrates advanced competency through rigorous online and field exams, and work experience prerequisites.

 You may take the course, as well as your written and field exams at the same location.

Bonus: Getting the Energy Auditor certification automatically earns you the BPI Building Analyst (BA) certification.

Topics Covered

H4H’s HEP Energy Auditor class begins with the understanding of residential construction and its trends. The course teaches the candidate, when mechanical and combustion equipment are introduced, how they can significantly change the dynamics of the structure.  At completion, the candidate should be able to analyze and make appropriate recommendations to reduce the overall energy while promoting a safe and healthy home.


(BPI Energy Auditor Course – Table of Contents)

This course will provide knowledge of building science as a basis in establishing healthy, safe, durable and efficient homes that is required achieve BPI Home Energy Professional Energy Auditor Certification.

Classroom Topics

  1. Building Science Basics
  2. Energy Audits & Customer Relations
  3. Evaluating Insulation
  4. Diagnosing Shell and Duct Leakage
  5. Evaluating Heating & Cooling Systems
  6. Base-load Measures
  7. Evaluating Mobile Homes (if time permits)
  8. BPI Math Review & Practice Test Questions (if time permits)

Field Topics

  1. Collecting Information About the Building for an Energy Audit
    1. Conduct a physical/visual inspection
  2. Testing the Building for an Energy Audit
    1. Prepare for the test(s)
    2. Evaluate the appliances
    3. Conduct indoor air quality tests
    4. Perform combustion safety and efficiency tests
    5. Perform blower door tests & Pressure Diagnostics
    6. Perform HVAC distribution tests – Use of pressure pan and Total Duct Leakage Test (if time permits)
  3. Evaluating Collected Energy Audit Data
    1. Determine the work scope

Course Package Includes VIA LIVE GOTO Webinar

  • 3 days of classroom with extensive math & practice quizzes
  • 2 days of field Must have your own set of equipment on hand
  • Test for Online & Field are scheduled the same day, often the following week.
  • Course Manual – Outline of full course
  • Field Manual – Field Script, Guide, BPI Standards, Calibration, Set Up…
  • 20+ Practice quiz questions within each section and scores available at the end of each day.
  • Classroom & field exercises
  • (Exam retakes are the responsibility of the attendee.)

Certification Path

H4H’s Energy Auditor course prepares participants to earn the nationally recognized BPI HEP Energy Auditor Credential.

The steps to becoming eligible for and successfully passing the BPI Building Analyst exams are:

  • Step 1: Prior to applying and testing for the Energy Auditor, you must also meet the specific prerequisites .
  • Step 2: 3 Day “in person” Training – Extensive Math & Practice Test Questions
  • Step 3: 2 Days Field Training – BPI EA Approved Field House – Leadville, CO
  • Step 4: Schedule Online & Field Test for Certification


  • Course fee $1800
  • Test Fees – Online Exam = $250
  • Test Fees – Field Exam = $700

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  1. Hi Hope,
    Good morning! I’m so sorry that I didn’t email you before, I had to do it before long time ago, but I’m so, so, so grateful for your help in our class last month, I passed EA / QCI and Field tests. You, definitely, help me to understand more my new position as QCI Inspector. Your knowledge in class gave us a new perspective and what to look for and how to catch those little issues in houses that we can resolve in our Program scope. Again, Thank you so much Hope for your patience, and for understand you students with English as second language.

    Andres Gonzalez

    Andrew Gonzalez

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