H4H BPI Combustion Safety Training 7.5 hour Day (6 BPI CEUs) January 30th, 2020

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CAZ Training!

BPI CAZ Field Practice Day : Combustion Safety Testing, diagnostic tests and analyzing results of diagnostic tests.



BPI 1200 Standards Combustion Safety Testing Training
@ Hope for Home’s BPI Field Test House – Leadville
Course Summary:
H4H’s course aligns with the professional standards set forth by the Building Performance Institute, outlined in the ANSI/BPI-1200-S-2017, STANDARD PRACTICE FOR BASIC ANALYSIS OF BUILDINGS, section 7, Combustion Appliance and Fuel Distribution System Inspection. These standards focus on energy conservation measures and criteria while strongly focusing on the health and safety of the homeowner and the technician.
Why Take This Course?
The BA certification provides the professional a foundational understanding of how residential buildings and their equipment function as a system and is renewed every 3 years. In that time, incorrect habits may evolve, and the BPI standards may not be accurately followed. This course will re-introduce the BPI 1200 standards, section 7 and the requirements for worst case combustion testing while maintaining the health and safety of the building and occupants during testing.
This is a hands-on class. We will be conducting the worst case and all combustion safety testing required in the BPI 1200 standards. We will also practice measuring the exhaust fan properly.
Training Agenda
•Introduction of equipment & Calibration Overview
•Ambient CO Testing & BPI Limits
•WCD Set Up and Pressure diagnostics
•Combustion Safety Testing
•Ventilation Evaluation
Field Manual Includes
•1100 Standards
•1200 standards
•Interpretations to standards x 3
•ASHRAE 62.2.2013
•CAZ Steps “How To SET UP”
•Ventilation testing set up
•CO and Ambient Testing limits and info.
Course Fees – $350.00 Energy Smart Contractors may receive assistance with the cost.


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