Energy Audits & Weatherization Installations

Hope for Homes follows the practices of Home Performance with Energy Star & ANSI/BPI-1200-S-2017 Standard Practice for Basic Analysis of Buildings

Colorado Weatherization


Weatherization not only helps households, it also helps revitalize communities by spurring economic growth and reducing environmental impact. Weatherization returns $2.78 in non-energy benefits for every $1.00 invested in the Program (National Evaluation). Non-energy benefits represent tremendous benefits for families whose homes receive Weatherization services. After Weatherization, families have homes that are more livable, resulting in fewer missed days of work (i.e. sick days, doctor visits), and decreased out of- pocket medical expenses by an average of $514. The total health and household-related benefits for each unit is $14,148 (National Evaluation).null


Weatherization is critical to introducing and deploying technology and facilitating greater industry adoption. The home performance industry is based on the skills perfected by weatherization. The weatherization network and the private sector established the Guidelines for Home Energy Professionals including Standard Work Specifications for Home Energy Upgrades (SWS), and Home Energy Professional certifications along with accreditation of energy-efficiency training programs. Weatherization agencies also create a market for American manufacturing, using products and equipment from local sources, benefitting the business community in the regions they serve.

Weatherization differs in many ways from what is commonly referred to as “weatherizing your home.” The latter involves low-cost improvements like adding weatherstripping to doors and windows to save energy. The “whole house weatherization” approach that analyzes all of the building systems—the building envelope, heating and cooling systems, electrical system, and electric baseload appliances—through the completion of an energy audit. Hope for Homes works with Cloud City Conservation Center, Walking Mountains Science Center, Energy Smart and Xcel Energy.

Energy Smart Colorado at the Cloud City Conservation Center makes it easy for Lake County residents to improve their homes to save energy and money and to increase comfort and safety.  Find out how to get started:

They will create a report based on the results from various diagnostic testing and computer modeling of the home’s energy efficient deficiencies and recommendations.

Construction Services Provided by Hope for Homes (General B license (2019-32G Lake County, Colorado & Commercial Ins. Policy # OBFD81708500)

Weatherization Scope of Work

“Best” Practice ($$) or “Good” Practice ($) Bid

Installation of Drill & Fill Insulation Products

Infrared Verification of Installed Insulation

Air Sealing of Conditioned Space

Air Sealing of Ducted HVAC system

Ventilation Strategies for Conditioned and Unconditioned Zones

Combustion Safety Testing of all appropriate appliances

Crawlspace Conditioning